Badge reels are a badge holder device with a retractable cord, designed to attach to a belt loop, purse, article of clothing, etc. There are a variety different styles, colors and options to choose from when selecting the appropriate badge reel to best fit your needs.
Some badge reels can even be custom imprinted with your company logo.

Standard badge reel with 34″ long cord (7″ longer than most of the competition).  Can be custom printed and perfect for displaying any type of ID. Economy badge reels are a durable and economical solution. One of our best sellers! Available in solid and translucent colors.
Item 605-I-Black

Choose from strap, card lamp, key ring end fittings. This durable reel has an imprint area that is 95% larger than most standard reels and can accommodate multiple cards. Perfect for smart cards. Premium badge reels have a “twist free” feature which enables it to keep your ID facing forward. They also have a lifetime guarantee. Card Tech ID will replace, free of charge, any Premium Badge Reel which does not withstand the normal wear & tear of daily use.

Mini-Bak Badge Reels

Made in the USA and featuring a larger imprint area on a standard size case reel. Features “twist-free” design to keep your ID facing forward. Not available online at this time. Call to order 603.736.0005.

Lock-Out Badge Reels are ideal for everything from computer log-on readers to card-activated slot machines. Unique locking system allows the cord to remain extended until the button is pressed. Leave card in reader while still attached – eliminates risk of leaving card behind. The Card Clamp feature is ideal for proximity cards/smart cards, eliminating the need to slot punch your cards. Not available online at this time. Call to order 603.736.0005.
Item 2120-3375
Sometimes you need a badge reel that can take a beating, and hold up against heavier loads. Added features provide strength and durability you can rely on. Card Tech ID carries Heavy-Duty Reels with reinforced vinyl strap and a chain cord. There are also Metal Case Badge Retractors with Nylon Cords and Metal Case Badge Reels with Plastic Wrap Wire. Card Tech ID carries the Super 48 Badge Retractors (5 Pack), which features a 48” Kevlar cord and holds up to 25 keys.
Item 704-CB-Red

Carabiner Reels

These reels are easy to take on and off. The pressure release latch easily attaches to belt loop or purse, twist-free feature keeps IDs facing forward. Available in solid and translucent colors. Popular at recreational facilities.


About Card Tech ID

For more than 19 years Card Tech ID has been providing high quality ID card printers, complete digital photo ID systems, ID card software, HID proximity cards and tags, PVC card supplies, ID badge holders and accessories as well as custom printed ID products. We offer a wide array of products as the best prices and can ship most items the same day. Card Tech ID serves customers in many industries including: * Enterprises including fortune 500 companies * State government * Fire Departments * Police Departments * Hospitals * Small and large organizations * Sports teams * Restaurants * Elementary schools, college, universities * Event and conference * Recreation * Religious organizations Card Tech ID has earned the reputation of delivering the highest quality products and superb customer service. We are privately owned and operated in the USA and offer a selection of products made in the USA. We work closely with our customers in order to provide the appropriate products to fit their current and future needs. Your total satisfaction is our goal! We invite you to browse our website and shop our extensive product offers. Prefer to speak to a Customer Service Specialist? Please call us at (603) 736-0005 or email Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM-5 PM EST.

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