“AAARRGGG”…”GGGRRRRR!” This is likely what you will say if you are having difficulties with your ID card printer ribbon.

If your printer ribbon has torn, don’t trash it. Tossing your broken ribbons can be a costly mistake. Ribbons can usually be saved by taping them back together with clear tape. Taping is a temporary fix to save the ribbon. If you want to prevent more breaks (and more taping) take a moment to review the following.

Step 1: Clean your printer

You got it. That cleaning kit that’s been forgotten in the cabinet or the cleaning card that was included in the box with theCleaning Kit ribbon you installed is your first step to preventing ribbon breaks. Most printers should be cleaned after every ribbon change. All card printer models have card printer cleaning kits  available. After cleaning the printer and before installing a new ribbon calibrate the ribbon sensor, if it applies to your printer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and calibrating your printer model.

Step 2: Check your card template

If you have a direct-to-card printer, avoid printing too close to the edge of the card as this may cause the ribbon to break, snag or stick. Check your card design within your ID software program to make sure the margins are set to print within the card boundaries and, if necessary, increase the unprinted border. If you have a retransfer card printer they can print to the very edge of the card and your template should not need adjusting.

Step 3: Restore to the default settings

Changing settings in your printer driver can cause the ribbons to overheat. Direct-to-card printers can have the heat adjusted when customers want to put more ink on the card in attempt to get darker, deeper colors by increasing the heat. Restore the driver settings to the default settings to prevent future breakage.

Step 4: Invest in a dust cover

Another culprite for broken ribbons is dust and junk getting inside the card printer between card printing jobs. This goes hand in hand with the cleaning kits. Preventing dust and other debris from entering the card printer when not in use is important to prevent ribbon breakage and also damage to your print head, which can be a costly replacement.

If you have questions contact a Card Tech ID representative 866-348-1105 or email sales@cardtechid.com.


About Card Tech ID

For more than 19 years Card Tech ID has been providing high quality ID card printers, complete digital photo ID systems, ID card software, HID proximity cards and tags, PVC card supplies, ID badge holders and accessories as well as custom printed ID products. We offer a wide array of products as the best prices and can ship most items the same day. Card Tech ID serves customers in many industries including: * Enterprises including fortune 500 companies * State government * Fire Departments * Police Departments * Hospitals * Small and large organizations * Sports teams * Restaurants * Elementary schools, college, universities * Event and conference * Recreation * Religious organizations Card Tech ID has earned the reputation of delivering the highest quality products and superb customer service. We are privately owned and operated in the USA and offer a selection of products made in the USA. We work closely with our customers in order to provide the appropriate products to fit their current and future needs. Your total satisfaction is our goal! We invite you to browse our website and shop our extensive product offers. Prefer to speak to a Customer Service Specialist? Please call us at (603) 736-0005 or email service@cardtechid.com. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM-5 PM EST.

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