Organizations of all sizes may rely on ID cards as part of their increased facility security. As ID cards have increased integration with multiple applications throughout organizations such as meal plan programs and access control it is increasingly important to prevent ID card theft and misuse.

Here are tips on preventing ID card theft and misuse:

Encourage staff (and students) to wear their IDs at all times. ID cards today are packed with additional functionality than a standard name badge ID cards may include cashless payment and access control for facilities and/or campus buildings equipment checkout, and more. A simple and affordable solution to help staff and students keep track of their ID cars is having them worn lanyards or badge reels.

Deactivate cards immediately when they are reported missing. An increasing amount of ID cards function as access control cards to buildings and interior building locations. The more time that passes with unreported lost or stolen ID cards, the more opportunity opens unauthorized people to gain access to facilities. Deactivating the card will also reduce the chances that a card’s cashless payment account can be used. On a college level, access to student dorms facilities and individual dorm rooms could cause additional personal and property safety risk, if an ID card lands in the wrong hands. Encourage staff and students to report missing ID cards immediately and deactivate them upon report.

Encourage staff and/or students to check their ID card bank balance. Most ID cards at the college and university level also have debit card functionality. Just as you likely keep an eye on your standard debit/credit card, you would want to be aware of your ID card cashless payment activity will help you notice if anything is out of the ordinary. Many organizations don’t refund money on ID cards that are used fraudulently.

Publish your organization policies. An effective way to ensure staff and/or students are aware of procedures for them to follow and policies in effect for lost or stolen ID cards, is to publish them in your employee handbook or student handbooks. Have informational flyers posted in common areas, such as break rooms or cafeterias with telephone numbers or email addresses to report to.


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